Friday, July 15, 2011

Take Me to the Bridge


Thanks for putting up with me this week. It’s gotten better, including two new freelance writing assignments to fill the time and bank account while My Love pounds the pavement looking for a new job.

Just a quickie before the weekend and some real posts next week:

  • Congrats to our two giveaway winners: Julianna from Surviving Boys won the free tickets to Lake Compounce amusement park while the irrepressible Cheryl from Deckside Thoughts gets to lust after Matt Bomer on DVD with the White Collar: The Complete Second Season collection.
  • One more DVD giveaway for fans of another popular USA Network TV series coming next week – this one comes with a real-life celeb sighting and shoulder rubbing by My Love. Trust me, I was very jealous. And turned on.
  • I have a video post from Conan O’Brien’s crew today as a “Friday Fun” post at DadCentric: Team Coco presents ‘American Dadiators.’ I also explain what the proper term is for ‘love handles’ when they are on a woman.
  • Thanks to Neil at Citizen of the Month who was the first to recommend the Uncools do the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver when we were up there two weeks back. The fam is all smiles on the return trip across it in the above photo, but they were soiling themselves on the way over. More on that later.

Let’s take it in the weekend optimistically, then. Hit it, Old 97’s:


  1. Jeez. Cheryl wins EVERYTHING! Congrats to the winners. And on your writing gigs, you paid writer you.

  2. Really???? Wow! Thank you, Master of all that's Uncool. HM is lying through his teeth. I only win stuff from guys associated with DadCentric. I never win anything from other bloggers. I hope next week's giveaway has something to do with Bobby Goren. If it does, I'm entering under all of my pseudonyms.

    AND PAYING WRITING GIGS? What a way to take it to the weekend!

  3. glad things are ticking along for you.
    How does one (Me!) get some freelance writing work?

    Please swing by and tell me!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

    < ° ) } } > <

  4. I am so excited!!!

    But the email address for Michelle auto replys that she no longer works for the company. :( Do I have to respond to the referal person she has listed, or am I good?

    Thanks again!


  5. Dude Capilano Bridge is INTENSE. I blogged about it when we went last summer:

    Sorry for the plug...I couldn't resist.

  6. Always happy to put up with you as long as you keep doing exactly what I tell you to do and do it with a smile. Sorry... thought I was talking to my kids.

    YOU have a great week!!

  7. Glad things sound like they are going better for you. Prayers for your family daily.
    You couldn't PAY me enough to get on that bridge... I don't even like being in a car driving over a bridge, let alone WALK over that thing.
    Glad you had so much fun.
    Looking forward to more posts from you. HUGS!!


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