Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No ‘White Collar’ Crime to Give You Free DVDs

Good news today – no disasters, thefts or near poisonings. Murphy even got a paws up from the doggie dermatologist.

Let’s celebrate, doggie style, with another giveaway of one of Murphy’s favorite TV shows.

The fine folks of Fox Home Video found out I have a thing for many of the original series on the USA Network, so they asked me to give one of you a 4-DVD set of White Collar: The Complete Second Season, a show about a former con man helping the FBI in New York City.

White Collar has a little bit of everything.

peter burke mustache white collar tim dekayGood guy crime fighter Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) with a sense of humor and, for one glorious episode, a bad-ass mustache.

neal caffery matt bomer white collarSuave ex-art forger Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) with a penchant for retro clothing and a quest. He must balance the moral dilemma of wanting justice to avenge the death of his ex-girlfriend while also contemplating making one last big score. I can neither confirm nor deny that he is loosely modeled on another Neil from New York.

mozzie white collar willie garson Goofy and lovable sidekick Mozzie (Willie Garson) who practices Zen and the art of the con. Definitely based on a lawyer I know.

marsha thompson white collar dianaExotic lesbian federal agent Diana (Marsha Thomason) who occasionally has to go undercover as a hetero hooker and/or model. (Really, what mom blogger out hasn’t done all that at one time or another, right? Once? In college?)

jones-white-collar-sharif-atkinsToken dude Clinton Jones (Sharif Atkins) who really should have a bigger role in the show but instead spends most of it in the surveillance van. In the above photo, I think he has The Rev. Al Sharpton on the phone.

imageAnd Tiffani Thiessen.


image Oh, she plays Elizabeth, the FBI’s guy wife, but that’s not important because I’ve had a thing for her since …

saved by the bell really sucked… she played goody-two-shoes Kelly Kapowski on all those dreadful Saved by the Bell series. (I was in college with a lot of time between classes, people.)

beverly hills 90210 2.0

Then again when she played bad bad girl on Beverly Hills 90210.

Or later as the object of desire of The Ladies Man (a highly underrated SNL movie spinoff, mind you).

The lady is versatile.

imageAnd totally smokin’. Almost as much as My Love. I sense a Baby Burke on the way next season.

Oh, why is White Collar Murphy’s favorite show?

imageBecause the Burkes have one lovable bear of a yellow Lab named Satchmo.

Who gets to follow around Tiffani Thiessen like so.


All righty, nearly the same rules as yesterday’s Lake Compounce amusement park ticket giveaway:

  • Leave a comment by 8 a.m., Friday, July 15. Any comment will do, but if you have a White Collar crush, confess!
  • Include a working email address when you fill out the comment form so I can contact you if you win.
  • Be a citizen of Earth. I’m in a better mood today, so even if you are Glenn Beck, you qualify.

One winner to be picked at random. Others will be humped by the dog.


  1. Kelly Kapowski is still a hottie.

  2. Amen, Brother Adam! Though now that I'm 43, think like that is getting a bit creepy.

  3. Fun contest, fun show, and yes I guess Tiffani is hot, though not my team... she certainly has held it together really well since we first watched her.

    And really Glenn Beck can enter this? Can't he buy his own? Or can't one of his devil minions steal one for him....?

  4. Alfred - If Tiffani can't turn you ... well, I said she's hot, not omnipotent.

  5. White Collar is awesome!
    I'm so glad you didn't have a crush on Screech. Uh, not that I thought you would! Anyway, years ago my friend saw him in Mexico - and he was like, surrounded by chicks. Ick!

  6. "Really, what mom blogger out hasn’t done all that at one time or another, right? Once? In college?"

    Now wait, I've never faked being hetero. The rest... sure!

    And Matt Bomer? Can we pretend I wouldn't feel like a cradle robber? Good then. :D

  7. After seeing Tim DeKayt play in All-Star Weekend Celebrity Softball Game, White Collar is my new favorite show!

  8. I lurve White Collar. I never watched Saved by the Bell or 90210 so had no idea Tiffani Theissen had ever been anything but Mrs. Suit. I come here to learn what I missed in the 80s and 90s.

    This is an ensemble cast that works. You forgot to mention how awesome it is when Diahann Carroll makes an appearance.

  9. Sigh... Matt Bomer... I now need a cigarette - and I don't even smoke.

  10. I have to go with Matt. He is so hot, I wouldn't mind watching a few ice cubes melt on his chest.

  11. yeah... I would want it for Matt ;)
    I appreciate your desire for Tiffani, but NOT the reason *I* would be watching! :)

  12. oh... and I think I will forgo the dog humping if I lose... again, NOT my thing. LOL

  13. Hi! I found your blog through the message board on CureJM. Our daughter also has JDM. We hate it.

    Anyway - I never comment because a)I am lazy, b)I already feel stalkerish, c) I am lazy, and d) well, really just the lazy part BUT WHITE COLLAR!! I am also a fan of Tiffany Thiessen but more in a "I wish my hair could look like hers and less like Screech's" sort of way.

    So, my husband and I really like White Collar. When the stars align and we actually get to watch it together, it is a real treat. We usually have missed the previous 3 episodes which makes us only 25% in the loop. At least we are in the loop!

    We aren't really into Glenn Beck or getting humped by a dog. Just fyi for future comments. Anyway, my name is Gail, I am really uncool, and a working email is gcook@fhsid.com


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