Friday, February 20, 2009

Last Stop

Ever flip on the radio and suddenly find your favorite station was playing nothing but the audio tracks from the original "Bob Newhart Show"?

I did once. That's how the station signaled that it was changing formats.

The "Newhart" audio was much better than the new music and DJs, by the way.

I'm probably not going do anything that drastic here. I am going to attempt to switch my Feedburner account to Google this weekend and maybe make some updates to the blog layout during the week. Pray I don't lose you, the site or my mind in the process. (If you, like me, aren't of a praying nature, raising a glass filled with the beverage of your choice will do fine.)

I'll have something new posted by mid-week; if it's not in your reader or inbox by then, check back with the site.

Or call 911. In either case, bring beer.

Meanwhile, enjoy the video from one of my favs:

Video: "Last Stop: This Town," The Eels

You're dead but the world keeps spinning
Take a spin through the world you left
It's getting dark a little too early
Are you missing the dearly bereft?

Taking flight and you could be
Here tomorrow
Taking flight, well, you could get
Here tonight

I'm gonna fly on down for the last stop
To this town
I'm gonna fly on down then fly away
Well, alright

Get down

Takin' a spin through the neighborhood
The neighbors scream
Whatchya talkin' 'bout?
cause they don't know how to
Let you in
And I cant let you out

What if I was not your only friend
In this world
Can you take me where you're going
If you're never coming back

Im gonna fly on down for the last stop
To this town
Im gonna fly on down then
Fly away on my way

Get down

Why don't we take a ride away up high
Through the neighborhood
Up over the billboards and the factories
And smoke

I'm gonna fly on down for the last stop
To this town
I'm gonna fly on down then
Fly away on my way
Fly away
Get down


  1. I'll miss the ol' digs, but I'll reserve judgment till I see the new ones.

  2. I toooooootally don't understand what you just said, but I trust you.

  3. Yea, but your giving US all work to do as we switch everything to your new site! It will be fun!

  4. Good luck, my Friend.

    I'm raising a pint of Chimay Trippel in your general direction.

    I call dibs on the spare change in the couch cushions.

  5. My favorite radio station in college played Stairway to Heaven for three day straight, then they switched their format. Bastards.

  6. what if I bring vodka? Will I be admitted?

  7. Good luck with all the techy moves - I hafta have a drink every time I turn on my own blog. Thanks for the video to tide me over til your next post - it was different.

  8. Dude, I was going to suggest that the duds here were getting old. Then again, mine ain't nothing to gloat over.

    Good luck!

  9. I await with baited (stinky) breath.

    P.S. I just put up a new post. May start on occasion again at times.

  10. I'm just here to say I love the new layout.!!! Don't be scared.

  11. Kevin,

    The moms will be waiting attentively. I mean, it's not like we have anything else to do ... right?

    ;D - MM


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