Sunday, February 15, 2009

Symphony for Thing 1

I wish I could say I wrote this song if only to lay claim to the genius of rhyming "a lot like her mom" with "really the bomb."

Happy birthday, Sunflower Girl. Play on in the light. Play on.

Just make sure you wear a hat.

Love, Dad

Video: "Megan's Song," artist unknown

This is a last-minute addition to Musical Mondays by Jori -O and Diane.


  1. That was ADORABLE!
    You guys are such cute (and geeky) parents! :P
    ps...I have a Megan too...totally gonna google that song!

  2. WOW!!! We have a Megan too. Small world.

    Awesome soong. I'll have to have our Meggie listen to it.

  3. That was amazing. I LOVE it.....

    I need to get technological.......

  4. The song came from a CD we bought at Target in 2002 or 2003 of birthday songs for kids with particular names (a six-song CD for Megan, example). I Googled the names on the slip jacket once but never found anything more from the guys who did it.

  5. Loved it =sniff=

    (nice singing, btw)

  6. Does Megan wanna go hang out at the mall with me sometime? We can totally buy cool jewelry and hats at Claire's!

    So, so adorable!

  7. totally NOT uncool! that rocks!

    you should submit it to my musical monday!!!

  8. Awwww so cute!! Happy Birthday!

  9. And you don't know how much daughters appreciate that!!

    That is awesome!!

  10. What a great video, and what a beautiful girl!

  11. Very cool! Adorable! My husband is tuning into your blog now as well - told him he had to because you are so creative. He "stole" Thing 1 and 2 from you and the dog has become "lil thing" Consider his imitation a sincere form of flattery - he really recognizes talent.
    p.s. Wonder how Thing 1 will feel about this video in say, 5 years? haha - can't wait to see how you handle the teen years. Hugs from a survivor.

  12. That was adorable! She is so cute. Happy Birthday Megan!!

  13. The song was painfully hilarious, and the pictures and videos were cute, so it was an enjoyable experience-- I hope her birthday was, too!

  14. LOL...Awesome song and video montage!

    You are a good Dad!

  15. You made me cry.

    P.S. Dear Baby Jesus, can I have a do over and get better parents?


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