Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine's Day is for Pansies ... and Other Free Flowers

I've been trying to think of my worst Valentine's Day stories but, frankly, the day has always been pretty uneventful for me.

The days before and after, though:

My first serious girlfriend in high school dumped me on Feb. 15th. Several years later, we almost got back together but she died under mysterious circumstances. That's a tale for another day.

Once, a few hours before I took My Love out for a pre-Valentine's Day dinner, my old Dinosaur Boss ripped me a new one for allegedly not working above and beyond. I had been getting all my work done despite spending much of the previous few months at the children's hospital with Thing 1, who had recently been diagnosed with juvenile dermatomyositis; however, I had apparently failed to kiss the ring of some equally ancient Salesosaurous who normally never wanted to give me the time of day anyway and he complained about alleged my lack of commitment. Upon hearing this tale at dinner, My Love referred to my boss as a "dinosaur" and, thus, a nickname was born.

I bring all this up because the gents I write DadCentric with are giving away free bouquets of flowers from ProFlowers.com for Valentine's Day.

Why are we doing this when, for the holiday of love, every other blog seems to be giving away marital enhancement devices?

We're classy.

We're sophisticated.

We're obviously on the wrong promotions list.

For a chance at winning, you need to go to this post at DadCentric.com and in the comments section tell us your best Valentine's Day story ... and by "best," of course, we mean "worst/most embarrassing/the one that led to a three-night couch camping trip."

Tell 'em I sent ya.


  1. Will they arrive with a short, but sweetly worded note attached from you?


  2. Frankly, I want you to deliver them yourself.

    Then, I'm in

  3. There is a reason they call it

    I hate gooey sentiment...keep yer flowers ....unless of course they come with gobs of chocolate!

  4. The worst/most embarrasing? I am still a little verklempt. Give me a moment. Talk amongst yourselves.

  5. ooh i'm just dying to hear what you did to that ex girlfriend of yours....uummmm... i mean, what happened to her.

    luv the shark pic! def half regurgitated! i've a sunny disposition like that! :)

  6. how did I just now find your blog? Good stuff. I blame vodka mom for not telling me to come here. She knows I'm new.

  7. I purposely don't make a big deal out of the day. No expectations are what my wife knows.

    However, we do chose to celebrate either the day before or the day after. Avoid the crowds and kind of makes our day instead.

    Nice touch with the flowers. Dad's rule...

  8. The best part about this holiday is that both my wife and I boycott. It rocks!!

  9. i had an unhappy marriage for ten years and have spent the last four on my own. do i win? You said worst story ever, mine is just pathetic

  10. Hmmm I give myself gifts on that day so maybe I should wait for those marital enhancement devices?


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