Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scenes from a Generally Good Day

The dog licks my face when the alarm beeeep-beeeep-beeeeps at 6 a.m. He then proceeds to step on my manhood like so many others before him. Et tu, puppy?

This prevents my normal routine of rolling back over and sleeping for another hour. Instead, I get up, fire up the laptop and knock off a third of my freelance work for the day before either me or the coffee turns bitter and cold.

* * *

Attending Thing 2's first "publishing party," in which he read the "How To" stories he wrote in class.

He wrote three -- "How to Draw a House," "How to Make a Macaroni Necklace" and "How to Read a Book" -- the most of anyone in his class.

Note to self: Given the recent chimp attack in town, writing may be a good alternative to his monkey training aspirations.

Second note to self: Start assessing female classmates for potential ambitious, corporate executive wife-types.

* * *

On our walk through the neighborhood, Murphy starts digging through a rotting pile of leaves by the curb. He starts to crunch a large black object between his teeth.

"Droooooop it," I say.

He does. To the asphalt falls a garage door opener.

And … it's not mine.

On the stroll home, it fails to open any of my neighbor's garages.

* * *

I finish tweaking the layout of my blog, actually re-writing some of the HTML coding on my own, without causing it or my computer to crash.

Need to suppress my inner geek before I try reprogramming the microwave for time travel, thus reconfirming my semi-idiot status when it comes to technology.

Urgent note to self: Quick! Try to contact Kari from "MythBusters" before power fa …, dang! Too late. Someday, you red-haired scientific beauty, you will be mine. Oh, you WILL be mine.

As long as My Love is cool with it, of course.

* * *

Finally think of and write a decent piece (maybe, possibly) for a long-in-coming project.

"Mary Tyler Moore" theme plays mentally in my head.

My manhood takes another blow. Stupid brain!

* * *

While walking down the supermarket aisle, Thing 1 says, "Hey, Dad! They're playing our song."

On the ceiling speakers, wafting through the shelves of soup and tomato paste, I hear:

I got it! (I got it!) I got it!
I got your number on the wall!
I got it! (I got it!) I got it!
For a good time call!

I had that song on CD we were listening to on a car trip three or four years ago. From the backseat, the Things kept yelling for miles, "Play that number song again!"

Tommy TuTone sure beats that Lindsay Lohan CD she was into one summer.

* * *

I start a fire.

In the fireplace.

Without any Duraflame assistance.

Note to self: Stop eyeballin' that freakin' microwave!

* * *

Thing 2 appears in the living room, giggling, tripping, my pajama bottoms hiked up to his chest as the dog nips at the ankle cuffs.

"Can I sleep in these, Dad?"

"As long as I can take a picture first."


thing 2 pjs up to chest


  1. Do your pajama bottoms say Wii? As in 'Wee!!'

    The excited kind, not the peeing kind.

    (That sounded way sexier in my head)

  2. They say Wii as in "Dad, I got you these PJs for Christmas in hope you'll take the hint and buy me a Nintendo Wii for my birthday."

  3. I've got a bit of a thing for that red-haired geek as well. Kari, I mean. Just wanted to stress that.

  4. Well, did they work? Wii for his birthday or what? I gotta know these things... I'm trying to convince Mike that we need one. (It sounds so strange admitting that I'm currently trying to work my husband over for a gaming system.)

    And a day that starts out with your balls crushed was "generally a good day"? You're far more optimisic then I've given you credit for!

  5. Another Pleasant Valley Sunday...
    sorry, it rang its way in to my head after your mention of the MTM theme. Guess my manhood is stomped on now too.

  6. As I saw you walking your kidlets and pup this morning, headed towards their school, it occurred to me that you were off to another generally good day.

    It also occurred to me that I am a stalker.

  7. You found my garage door opener! YAY! The squirrels took it. They were p.o.'d cuz my husband put sheet metal on the roof of the bird feeder. That was a sight watching them dive, slide and crash. They sought revenge.

  8. I would have taken a picture too. And congrats on not making your computer crash while changing html. That is quite the feat.

  9. I can hear it calling your name. Far in the distance the microwave is begging for an upgrade. Go for it. Time travel is fun...

  10. et tu, puppy? I don't know why that cracked me up.

  11. Note to self: You're gonna make it afterall!

  12. sounds like ya had a decent where are those damned quesadillas you were offering??

    my girls, mostly the 12 yr old, loves to watch mythbusters. i don't think she wants kari though. hehe

  13. My dog is also named Murphy. She likes to eat anything and everything in site.

  14. You can't let him sleep in those! He may suffocate!

    There's nothing effeminate about the Mary Tyler Moore show. Their writing was pure genius.

  15. Oh my god, you have Wii pajama bottoms! Where did you get them because I need to get HB a pair?!


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