Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Meet the New Uncool; Same as the Old Uncool

Get out of your reader and come check out the new look to the "Always Home and Uncool" blog! There's still a little tweaking to do, but you'll get the general idea.

Questions? Comments? Quesadillas? You may want to visit the new FAQ, too.

BTW -- thanks to all of you who contacted me with concern about my well being after that last post. I guess the lyrics to that song and a few other things I said might have led you think that I having a meltdown, joining a cult or worse -- out of beer.

Let it be known that I was in midst of one of my periodic self-imposed freak outs about something of no great consequence (that would be my career), coupled with computer issues and a bit of a butter-creme birthday cake hangover from Thing 1's party.

I'm nearly over it. Just let me finish this corner piece. And lick the plate.


  1. I like it.

    Well, other than the baseball cap in the header pic. ;)

  2. Nice new look AHU...

    Sorry, I didn't realize you had a meltdown, I'm a little behind on my reading...but I would've been all like "you ok buddy?"

  3. Love the new look brotha!

    Save me some cake!

    There is nothing wrong with a sox cap! Got one myself!

  4. You can have the corner piece, but I call dibs on that last frosting flower.

    ... unless Thing 1 wants to arm wrestle for it.

    In that case I cave. ;)

    Nice look, Kevin!

    - MM

  5. "...but I'm never goin' back to my old - schooool."

    somehow - your blog post titles always remind me of Steely Dan songs.

    and that's a good thing!!

  6. Lovin the new look and jealous as hell that I can't make mine into the Prada shoe it should be when it looks like a nun's oxford! Someday I'll hire somebody........

  7. Shit, career rollercoasters SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! Big Hairy Balls!

  8. MMMM...blue!

    "It's nice," said the girl with the standard blogger template. "I mean, I'm not jealous or anything, if that's what you're thinking."

    Is there any chance there's some frosting left?

  9. I know about the birthday cake blues. And I still would walk a million smiles for one slice of the stuff. Nice blog styling. Let's do cake to celebrate.

  10. okay, this is just me, and i normally read you via rss so you can toss this comment in the trash if you so wish... i'd give either the sidebars or the center a background color, or perhaps a border to separate them. you asked! now i'm off to stuff my face with some leftover birthday cake...

  11. It definately looks much cleaner...did you hire a housekeeper?

  12. Dude - love the new banner! I have to admit, though, that I was kind of fond of that photo of your wife in the old collage drinking a bottle of wine...from the, um, bottle.

    That was cool.

    And glad to hear you haven't joined a cult! Mine wears satin capes and Nikes and sequined belts and I happen to be a recruiter, so...you let me know.

    :^) Anna

  13. Heck, I thought you had run out of Beer! :)

    Now I know you did!

  14. Is it ice cream cake? If it is your going to have to fight me for that piece.

    The new looks it nice. Good job!

  15. Like the new look. Nice and Clean and Blue. I like blue.

    Forgive me, I'm tired.

  16. Nice layout choice. Good to see you back with the living or blogging...

  17. Looks nice, but you look so sad up there in the corner!


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