Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Conditions May Be Slippery

driveway leavesThe autumn sky refused to wake this morning. Rain dripped then coldly plummeted and the wind scissored through the Northeastern trees, cutting leaves down in carnival-colored tears.

I told the Things to pile in the minivan. No walking to school this A.M.

The tires tried to accelerate up the driveway, but slipped and skidded on the motley blanket of New England fall. I warned the Things, as they sat seat-belted in the middle row. I warned them that no matter how quickly you need to get somewhere, sometimes you must be slow and cautious because even the most passive beauty can hide the potential for mayhem.


The phone rang a few hours later.

The voice from the children's hospital said we needed to increase one of the medications for Thing 1. Nothing to fret over. Thing 1 was growing and the dosage needed to go up slightly to match her weight.

I understand, I said.

I asked about the X-rays and bone density scans.

Good, she said, good. No signs of arthritis; no signs of thinning.

I understand, I said.

The doctor said we could start to taper off one of the remaining meds if everything looked well, I told the voice on the phone, so does this mean we can move forward?

She started her next sentence with "unfortunately."

She looked beautiful, I remember the doctor telling me and My Love, as we stood with them in the examination room. She looks beautiful.

"So we're going to leave the medications where they are for now, except for that one tiny  increase," the voice said in my ear. "We'll see where we are in a few months."

I understand, I said.

Unfortunately, I understand.


  1. I dislike "Unfortunately" so much.

    Here's to tearing the "un" off.

  2. "No signs of arthritis; no signs of thinning." But this is good.

    And the rest will follow, too.

  3. The fact that it's never easy?


    (beautifully written, btw)

  4. It sucks that a word like "unfortunately" can taint all the "goods." Your post was sobering for me.

    I'm with the rest of the crew - here's to no more "un."

  5. Not the news you wished to hear - but not bad news. You have to hang onto that. No bad news is a good day around our house.

    I'm content with not going in reverse now-a-days. We keep upping my daughter's meds in the hopes she will stabilize, which we really need to do this year - before she goes onto college.

    I view her as my *long-term medical project* and I wish someone would give me a damn job based on this experience alone!

  6. Here's to the beauty in that child's eyes; it comes so deeply from within.

  7. It's a good sign, it's all progressing well, be positive.

  8. Sorry the news wasn't better, but baby steps, you know? See how this goes and hope for more in a couple months.

  9. First time to your blog so I am not 100% what is going on here but it sounds like you were disaapointed with the conversation.

    I am sorry the outcome was not different. Hang in their and hopefully things will get better.

    I hope to be able to learn more about you and your family from this blog.

    Well written BTW.

  10. The road is long, Stick with it, my friend.

    "Un"fortunately that's all you can do.

    Stick with it!

  11. Caution, covering ones but all can explain the "unfortunately". Keep your head up uncool, we are in your corner!

  12. You know those times when you say something in your head but it sounds different when you say it out loud?

    Unfortunately, the voice didn't do that. Because if she had, she would have dropped the "unfortunately."

    She's beautiful. She's growing. And that is very fortunate.

  13. Damn. Thanks for getting so personal...

  14. She does look beautiful. Unfortunately this JM thing is slippery - been there - I am there - hang in there

  15. Unfortunately. What a sucky word. Like Cll said...may it soon be fortunate indeed.

  16. Hate that for you. Hopefully since things seem to be going well that they will drop that "un" stuff soon.

  17. The day will come when there is nothing unfortunate, only fortunate, and that will be a day as beautiful as your sweet girl.

  18. Understanding....

    I iamagine that acceptance is the hardest part.

    Keep on, man. Keep on.

  19. Hang in there, my friend. Your beautiful girl has come so far....

  20. Awww good news on weaning off some of the meds, bad that she has to up some. You all hang in there!!!


  21. I found your blog from another blog that I read...Where in the Northeast are you?? From VT originally now in Idaho....

  22. Oy. Sorry to hear that, hope that there's more positive than negative news in the future.

  23. Fortunately, you recognize beauty and your family is fortunate you do.

    Next time, I hope there's no "un" around.

    Prayers for you and yours.


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