Monday, October 5, 2009

Presents from Strangers

In the wee hours of Friday morning, My Love's Blackberry started buzzing and beeping.

That's not all that unusual. She works for an international "healthy snack food" company where a thousandth of a penny rise in the cost of high fructose corn syrup purchased from Ickypatangoglockenstan can domino within a few minutes into the need to shrink package sizes in southeastern New Zealand and switch to single-ply TP at corporate so as to avoid 1.3 job eliminations in the Albuquerque distribution center three fiscal years from now.

However, this was different. She couldn't understand why this sudden burst of e-mails she received were receipts for donations made to our Cure JM fundraising account.

Surprise, sweetie!

Needless to say, she was very moved and touched by all the birthday wishes and support you invisible folks out there in the ether offered her.

About 120 sites participated in Cure JM Awareness Day in the Blogosphere on Oct. 2. My guess is that several thousand, if not maybe ten thousand or more (don't be modest -- a few of you have pretty popular destinations along the highway of ones and zeros) learned something about juvenile myositis for the first time.

More than $1,200 was raised and I'm sure more will trickle in over the next few days by mail or online. That's a lot of money for a one-day, word-of-mouth campaign for an orphan disease.

And, since a few of you asked, for my part in these shenanigans, yes -- I did get some.

Birthday cake, that is. Corner piece. Big pink rose. Sweeeeeet.

So to you, good people, many thanks from all of us -- me, My Love, the Things and Murphy, too --  here at the Uncool Estate. Special gratitude is due to:
  • Brian of The Cheek of God, for whipping up (and hosting) the special Cure JM badge.
  • One Zen Mom, who seemed to have stopped by and left a comment at most every blog that participated Friday.
  • Julia of Midwest Moms for mobilizing the masses. If I ever need a pimp, especially one with a Twitter account, you are first one I'll call.
Some of you are much smarter than me.

Some are much wittier.

Others are just better writers and storytellers.

But not one of you is luckier than I am today.


  1. Great post and best wishes to u and your girl.

  2. What a wonderful birthday wake-up call for My Love and a birthday cake rose for you! Who says you can't have it all?

  3. The only thing that can top a corner piece of frosting-laden birthday cake would be meeting your fundraising goal for this effort. I personally will institute my own ban on frosting and all frosted products from now until that goal is met. This also means my frosted mini-wheats are out for breakfast tomorrow. I'll have to find some other high fiber, sweet tasting morning jolt. This is an extreme sacrifice for me, especially with the hours until my own birthday ticking down, but I am willing. Because you are awesome, and this is totally worth it.

  4. Happy to have been a part of the blogathon! My birthday's coming up - I'll save a pink rose for you.

  5. Those poor New Zealanders, always bearing the brunt of the world's viciously ever-changing whims.

    I'm glad this was a good wakeup call for your wife, it must have been a great way to start the day (even if she maybe wished everybody had started just a little bit later in the morning). I hope the Blackberry keeps buzzing till she has to change some setting somewhere for her own sanity!

  6. Uncool - you really out did yourself on this one. Excellent B'day surprise for Your Love and JM awareness. Congratulations!

    PS. The "Healthy Snack Food" paragraph - very funny. Now time to wipe the coffee from my keyboard.

  7. That's pretty sweet! And it shows the great power of networking and spreading news in this technological age.

  8. My GOD!
    I want to NEVER visit Ickypatangoglockenstan.
    Sounds totally gnarly. And, if I live there, am I called a IckypatangoglockenstanIAN?

    You have a fantabulous network of people around you. High fives all around!

  9. I just ADORE happy endings! I'm so glad your blog-project had such a great one. Now here's hoping for many more happy endings for children and families living with JM! Great job, Kevin. This was a beautiful thing you did!

  10. Great post and I hope that everyone over at the Uncool Estate is happy with the outcome. You a Hot Dad....we'll always be here for you and yours.

    It was a pleasure to take part!!

  11. I'm so glad it was a success!!

  12. This really was a brilliant idea on your part. I only about JM from reading your blog, but through this effort, so many other people who have never heard of now have.

  13. That is so one day! And I'm one who had no idea what JM was.

    Glad you got a piece, the corner is my favorite ;)

  14. CONGRATS!!! On the word of mouth, the donations and getting some ...

    cake n stuff.

    Again I apologize for the late posting, although, since my readership is down down down in the doldroms, I'm afraid that I didn't make too much of a difference. (sad face)

  15. Whoo Hooo, that is awesome. And I am so glad I could be a part...I don't have a huge amount of followers but I definately had my share that day...and still need to do my donating part as well, just need to get my arse in gear.

  16. Wow - fantastic turnout and good bit of funds too! I am happy to be a part of it, Kevin. I think it shows the wonderful caring spirit in the blogosphere - yeah we are "invisible".....just like love. Hugs to your birthday girl, your "things" and oh yeah, you too!

  17. That was so awesome! Almost every blog I visited yesterday had your story posted. What a great gift for everyone, especially the kids. Isn't the blogosphere wonderful?

  18. Pleased it went well man.

    You did a good thing.

  19. With your extra donations, would you mind getting me one of those cool pimp hat/long coat ensembles?

    I've always wanted to look like Snoop Dog.


    - Julia

  20. It was a pleasure participating in such a great birthday present!

    I'm making it my mission to make it through the full list of bloggers who participated, one blog at a time. Anyone willing to participate in your present is someone whose blog is worthy of a read.

  21. I'm glad it turned out so great! That's awesome that so many people came together to help out with this.

  22. What a beautiful thing it is when people come together to help one another and build awareness and support. Thank you for sharing your story.


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