Sunday, October 11, 2009

Do Me a Solid Sunday - Stamp Out Cancer, Swirl Girl Style

You folks made My Love's birthday extra special this year with your support of my self-proclaimed Cure JM Awareness Day across the blogosphere. I owe you all. Really.

That's why I'm starting an irregular feature called "Do Me a Solid Sunday." It's simple. Now and then, I will recognize one of my regular readers who has a worthy cause to pimp, a good story to tell or access to their parents' liquor cabinet.

swirl girl logoMy first honoree is Wendy of Swirl Girl's Pearls. I don't know exactly when Wendy and I first ran into each other online, but it seems like forever -- give or take 18 months -- that we started leaving comments on each others' blogs, replying to those e-mails, replying to the those replies, ad infinitium (that's Latin for "neither of us knows when to shut up.")

A few months back, Wendy took part in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. I'll let her explain why:

"Last year, cancer affected my life quite personally and painfully. My wonderful dad, Irwin Keller, passed away on January 10th, 2008 from Merkel Cell Carcinoma - are very rare and painful form of skin cancer.  He also sought treatment of Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia for over 20 years.  Not to mention my own diagnosis and recovery with Thyroid cancer. I can't think of anyone whose lives have not been touched in some way by cancer."

I knew Swirl was a kick-ass person, but she actually kicked cancer's ass! Mother Shucker -- how awesome is that? Now I hold her in even higher esteem ... and fear that if I invoke her anger, she will also snuff me out.

Swirl is still a few hundred dollars short of her goal, so if you can afford a few sheckles I'm sure she'd appreciate it by donating at this site. You might even help save a life.

If you can't do that, that's cool. But you should at least stop by this beautiful post of hers about how she meet her true love.

Though if you leave a comment, be prepared for a lengthy e-mail chain to follow.


  1. You are too much , dude! You've done me a solid here - you know that's right!

  2. Love this idea!
    I was just told I have four tumors in my breasts. I'll find out in December if it's cancer.
    Cancer sucks. The threat of it sucks.

  3. Great idea! I'm glad Mrs. AHAU was happy.
    You guys are really great!

  4. WOW what an amazing "girl". I will have to click over to the links.

    That is a great idea. Don't owe me a thing though because I was more than happy to do it, it taught me a lot and others that read my blog... I actually am thankful you thought of me to be a part of it all.

    Glad it went well for your wife's birthday. :)

  5. What a super idea! This ability to spread the word about people who need help, worthy causes etc. is the true upside of today's technology if you ask me! Like let's all USE it to do some good!

    I've tried to help Beth Mancuso from ManicMother with links etc - she has a 2 yr old with cancer. She also just made over my blog for me - great gal. Don't know how you could help spread the word about HER, but maybe we could figure something out?

  6. I am a big supporter of Project Linus but I never do any fund-raisers or anything (just donate). I've had 5 skin cancers so I'm very glad that you've chosen such a worthy recipient of your "do me a solid sunday" article. Excellent idea.

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