Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday To Do List

1. Eat vegetables even though you'd prefer a double chocolate doughnut.

2. Share a giggle with me as I tell the real story behind Gwen Thompson, the formerly homeless American Girl character that parent company Mattel is trying to pawn off on you at $95 a pop. It's over on DadCentric. You know, the place where the Wild Things are.

3. Go see Where the Wild Things Are. By yourself. It's a very good movie about both the reckless abandon, infinite imagination and awkwardness of childhood. Exuberant, dark, brilliant, sad, funny and quiet. We parents all need a refresher in that now and again.

4. Root for the underdog.

5. Read my brief attempt to be deep about death at Polite Fictions, a nifty little site at which a host of far more talented and twisted bloggers attempt to string together a tale of intrigue and deception. For my entry, all you need to know is that Aloysius is a Russian goon whose throat was slit when he went to light his prisoner's cigarette.

6. Don't smoke or enable others to smoke. It'll kill you one way or the other.

7. Hug your kids when they least expect it. It's good to keep them guessing.

8. Run around barefoot in the grass one last time before the cold really hits.

9. Vote for me as Hottest Daddy Blogger. Being uncool means I'm hot, right?

10. Get a better dictionary.

11. Don't just read the RSS feed -- visit my blog and check out my new tag line.

12. Eat the doughnut any way. Life is too short.


  1. 1. With extra frosting please.
    2. OMG!! Like are you that creepy guy hangin' out in the girls' playroom with all their toys? You seem to know what a total slut Midge is...
    3. Absolutely.
    4. According to the press, I am.
    5. Check.
    6. Can't help it if I'm just that hot.
    7. Love this one.
    8. Tip Toe thru the Snow Flakes
    9. If I register, what kind of Spam will I start receiving?
    10. But mine might be worth something on Antique Roadshow.
    11. I am here.
    12. If you give a Mom a doughnut...

  2. You can't tell me what to do. You're not the boss of me!

    (I just like saying "you're not the boss of me", and I rarely get to do it anymore.)

  3. K so I do not know what an RSS is.
    Do I want one?
    Will it hurt?
    Can I have a bandaid?
    Is everyone doing it?

  4. BERT! BERT!

    That is my escape word when I have nothing creative to say.
    And I say it out of the side of my lips so it doesn't look like its ME saying it! Only that I'm no good at doing the side lip thing so u can totally tell its me.


    What? It wasn't me, it was the girl above me in comments!

    Stop looking at me!

    *Stomps off to grab last double chocolate donut.*

  5. I really need to start working harder on #6 . . .

  6. The American Girl doll thing pisses me off so much I can barely talk. And yet, they don't have to apologize because people will buy their stuff anyway...

  7. My child said I "looked Gorgeous" this morning. How can you NOT hug that - many many times.

    I'll have to remember it the next time he pisses me off.

    Hot. Dad. Blogger. Niiiiice.

  8. Best thing I ever did was quit smoking. I will eat my doughnut with veggies on top.

  9. Lucky for me, Sugarplum is not interested in things American Girl. Studley, however, is saving his pennies.

  10. This list is awesome. I wish I could steal Mom of 2's idea. Very funny list there.

  11. But! But! But! But! But!

    The rule is if you eat your vegetables you can have all the donuts you want!

    It's a Rule!

  12. Great list! I especially liked the hug your kids one. I loved surprising them and still do! That and laughing for no apparent reason - they think I'm nuts. It's actually meant to have them forget they just got yelled at!

  13. Remarkably great advice. I just hugged my daughter with a doughnut to save time.

  14. That's a pretty great to do list. I voted for you on the hottest dad thing although I did feel a little weird doing it. Can't believe I'm not there. I'm pretty sure I'm hot too :-)


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