Friday, June 6, 2008

I got a desk full of papers that mean nothing at all

Office Dwelling Subcreatures and others -- I give you your Friday getaway song:

I have a new goal in life -- just once, in concert, I'd like to show off my rhythm egg skills on this song with the Fountains of Wayne folk. No harmonies will be attempted, just some shake 'n' bake. Trust me, I've got the wrist action down.

Can you arrange that, My Love? You know what a poor helpless "man" I am, and you are an all-powerful being I was never worthy of procreating with based on my continued inability to provide our happy home with anything other than a dishwasher in which all items are sequenced in proper spatial relationship by size, shape and material.

At least, that's what Murphy implied the other night during "South Park" reruns. See, what you miss when you "executive goddess" too much for the Healthy Snack Conglomerate and need to sack out with the kids by 9 p.m.? Your assistant really needs to enter these meetings of the Uncool Domesticated Workers and Animals Committee into your Outlook Calendar.

Oh, yeah. He also wants a bigger max on his Visa (your area) and only Aquafina in his bowl (mine).

Excuse me now, I've got overpriced shrubs from Designs By Lee to plant and mulch to spread. The manure, obviously, has already been put down.



  1. Sounds like you've got your responsibilities down pat just like me!! Happy Friday!

  2. Denise: Dishwasher loading was a classic reverse psychology move foisted played upon me by My Love. Despite the countless semniars and peer mentoring I've given my MBA-weilding wife, she never "remembers" that you load back to front and cereal bowls go top rank only.

    Either that or, as several Fellow Sperm Donors and scientists have agreed, guys do the spatial relation thing better. But we suck at coordinating clothes and accessories, which is what they invented suits.

  3. Do you have any treadmill dancing skills like OK Go? With the dog? THAT I would PAY to see.

    Ummm...I see you are not joining my anti-comment verification revolution yet. What kind of incentives are you looking for?


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