Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summing It Up in a Simple Six

My sista-from-another-mista, Manager Mom, tagged me to write up six random facts about myself. I'm ready for the analysis, Dr. Freud:

1. Former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry once gave me the finger. I was not close enough to check it for residue of crack or crack whores.

2. I spent most of my reporting career with a recurring vision of my managing editor walking up behind me and smacking me in the head.

3. The last time I took one of those online tests to determine what career best suited my personality, it recommended train engineer or general practitioner. This may explain why business has been slow lately. Being a dirty old sooty engine driver has it's obvious appeal, though.

4. I no longer have the goatee or the dog shown in my profile photo, but neither is ever very far away.

5. Three times I have convinced myself I was having a heart attack, resulting in two ER trips and one heart sonogram, most recently in February. Instead, I've had a strained chest muscle, sinus issues, seasonal allergies and a proneness to the occasional panic attack.

6. I've walked through the streets of Soho in the rain to get a big dish of beef chow mein at Lee Ho Fook's and I've had a pina colada at Trader Vic's, but my hair is rarely perfect.
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  1. O man I needed that pic for my post this morning!

  2. I love number 6. I was just listening to that on my iPod this morning.

  3. I have had the same heart attack, at least twice, but I'll do you one better, I had an ambulance come to my house.
    The paramedics were very nice about my pulled muscle, as I'm sure they didn't want to disturb the crazy.

  4. Mama - The one time I got tix to David Letterman, Zevon happened to be the guest band leader. Sheer genius.

    Laurie - It happened very close to a hospital both times a trip was required. I'd have really dug the ambulance ride.

    To all: Enjoy every sandwich!

  5. OK - now I KNOW we were seperated at birth. My last heart-attack ER visit was after my kids' birthday party at My 3 Sons in Norwalk. I know, that would fell even the heartiest warrior, but I frigging HATE that place.

    An MRI, full blood workup and chest x-ray later, er, it turns out it was just a panic attack, I guess. Or "allergies".

  6. i WISH a politician (on crack) would give me the finger.


  7. ER Visits are pretty regular for me... Not for the heart though.. Knock On Wood...

    BTW I updated your link on my blog roll to include your banner as well as RSS feed... I am Geek

  8. I did that panicky trip to the ER with chest tightness, shortness of breath, and they kept me overnight because even though the EKG was normal, they "just don't know enough about heart attack symptoms in women" and were afraid to let me go home. They fed me nitro pills which gave me the worst headache I have ever had - it still makes my toes curl four years later. That's how they knew it was probably a panic attack.

    Next time, I'll just start downing shots of Grey Goose. I figure, if I wake up, I wake up...

  9. I do believe in rock and roll.
    And that music will save my mortal soul.
    And I can dance reeaal slow.

    There's three from me. Just invited myself to play along.

  10. Be kind to The Things. Your old age is gonna require some hand-holding.

  11. MM - I'm not sure they will ever allow us to fly together b/c if the plane goes down who would be in charge of the 'hood?

    Ms. P - Give it time. You're on the right track.

    Aman - I love geeks. I was the official IT translator at my last job. Thanks.

    Ellen - I was just thinking I lost you earlier. I find Tanquerey helps me.

    Amy - Play all you like, but I warn you: the monkey bars are slick.

    Patty - What are you implying here? Social services hasn't been to my place in weeks.

  12. uh, yeah, I'm with Amy. cept I'm Thick As a Brick.
    and I ditto the heart attack theme. I also was recently "having a stroke", spent the 24 hour observation, swearing it was a med reaction to my new migraine med. Um, I was correct, $9000 later.

  13. Of course CPS hasn't been around lately, Kevin. They've been quite busy at my house. I know I left those boys around here SOMEWHERE...

  14. Wondered over from somewhere. Glad I did. Cool blog and great list.


  15. I'm amazed how many of your also have had the mental heart attack/real life panic attack. Maybe we should put lithium in the drinking water supply.

    Jackee: One Q - Where the hell was Biggles when you needed him last Saturday?

    Wiener: Thanks. I'm glad I found your blog, too. Marshall Crenshaw tunes on the player, Better Off Dead (directed by a Stamford boy - Savage Steve Holland) and well, Wieners. Please hang out here more often.

  16. Very cool blog. I'll be back to visit again I'm sure :)

  17. Kath - Cool? No, no, no. Didn't you read the title of this thing? You want cool, now let's talk about those pork chops on your site. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.


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