Monday, June 23, 2008

Party of One at

The nice gents at DadCentric, you know - the blog with the picture of the elephant crapping in the toilet, made me their guest blogger on June 19.

It's a slightly edited version of my post about losing my manhood at the American Girl store in Chicago. Sorry for the rerun, but it was fresh when I submitted it to them a month and a half ago.

Judging by the lack of comments it received, it was as well read on that site as it was on this one. At least I'm not endangering my semi-cult status.

But Whit, one of the eccentric daddy's on the site, did drop a line of support. Check out his at-home dad blog, Honea Express, for a good laugh.

So tell me: Must I ramp up the fart and fluid humor and random gratuitous swear words to maximize my appeal to the masses? Or should I just say, "Screw the flatulent fuckers"?


  1. Don't go changing to try to be liked by the cool kids. You are uncool, by self-admission, and that is totally fine.

  2. considering that half my readers like you better than me now, i think you are just fine.

  3. You know, Meg, moms always did like me better than their daughters.

  4. I read that article on DadCentric and it was how I found this blog that I now subscribe to so it was good for one reader at least.

    I just normally don't comment on blogs...except this time.

  5. Brandon - If I can convert just one person over to my side a week, I could conquer the world ... provided the rest of the population was in a "Camp Rock" induced coma, of course.

    Thanks for joining the fray. Can I get you more bean dip?


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