Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Invading the land of estrogen and mommy talk

I have a guest blog appearance on the Fairfield County Child.com blog about Father’s Day gifts. To view it, go to: http://fairfieldcountychild.blogspot.com/2008/06/and-now-for-something-completely.html.

Apparently, I got the nod because the FCC warned the site about not meeting the minimum levels of digital testosterone. Pay a visit and drop a comment if you please. Thanks!


  1. All right, since you are my friend, I promise not to get peeved that your guest post received 300% more comments than mine did. Still waiting for an answer on the beef jerky...

  2. Since the three comments were you, Stamford Talk and the blog's owner, I consider it a hollow victory. But I'm not above gloating!

    I tried repling on Meg's site but it wouldn't take my comment. And I hope it doesn't at this point b/c I tried posting it three times. The response:

    "It all depends on who did the jerking." ** rimshot**

  3. and here's where I pipe in: as a former Fairfield County girl married to Man of Same Pedigree who moved (not so) far away, you give me faith in the old town(s).

  4. Ms. Picket: Welcome to the congregation. Please observe the "No Nookie with the Alter Boys" and "Collection Plate Embezzlement Prohibited" signs. You are loved.

  5. Kevin sorry my blog rejected your comment. I'm sure all the Fairfield County mommies would have appreciated that. Or not?


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