Thursday, June 12, 2008

Progress Among Modern 6-Year-Old Boys

"Did you hear what the boy said while we were watching 'The Simpson Movie' tonight?"


"During the scene where the two policemen kiss and hug and then go into the motel room, he said, "Gay.'"

"Did he say it like, 'Ewww, gaaay!'"

"Nope. Just kind of matter-of-factly. 'Gay.' Plain statement of what he saw. No editorializing."

"Well, good for him."


  1. Got here through Litteral Dan and love the name of your Blog....that is why it was unavailable for me
    My kids are saying the freakies things these days too. And my god....I am on the verge of just getting rid of all of our 9 ear old's stuffed animals. The dogs can't get enough.

  2. Tent - LiteralDan is a good man who plays poop jokes on his kids. How can you not love him?

    Ms. P. - As a toddler, the boy also dressed up in Thing 1's play wedding dress. He looked stunning.


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